Trust fund in support of victims of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse


In March 2016, the Secretary-General created the Trust Fund in Support of Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, as indicated in his report on Special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse (A/69/779).  The Trust Fund supports United Nations (UN) and non-UN entities and organizations that provide victim assistance and support services in accordance with the United Nations Comprehensive Strategy on Assistance and Support to Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by United Nations Staff and Related Personnel, annexed to General Assembly Resolution 62/214.


The Trust Fund provides funding to:

a) specialized services, which provide assistance and support required by complainants, victims and children born as a result of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA), including medical care, legal services, and psycho-social support;

b) address service gaps in the provision of assistance and support;

c) community outreach; and

d) additional support and communications for complainants, victims and children born as a result of SEA.


Contributions to the Trust Fund can be made from Governments, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, private institutions or individuals.

Between 2016 and end 2018, the Trust Fund portfolio received voluntary contributions from 21 Member States (Albania, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Canada, Cyprus, Ecuador, Finland, Germany India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, and Uganda) in the amount of over USD 2.5 million, including approximately USD600,000 representing payments withheld following substantiated allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by United Nations personnel.

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Submitting projects proposals

Entities from the UN system (Secretariat, Agencies, Funds and Programmes) and non-UN organizations that provide assistance and support to victims of SEA and children born as a result of SEA are eligible to submit project proposals. The Trust Fund Review Committee approves eligible proposals in accordance with the Trust Fund Terms of Reference. When a project proposal is approved, an agreement is signed between the UN and the Implementing Partner (IP) to specify the terms and conditions under which the IP receives funds, as well as the monitoring and evaluation modalities.  

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Approved Projects

Mapping exercises to identify in-country service providers, conducted in close coordination with UN field missions, agencies, funds and programmes, Community-Based Complaint Networks, Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Task Forces and non- governmental organizations, were essential to identifying gaps in the provision of sustainable support and assistance to victims in project locations.

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Our vision

The transformation of projects, supported by seed funds for income generation activities, to sustainable economic empowerment, will be actively pursued with the support of development actors, including United Nations Funds and Programmes present in the field and other international and local partners. The Trust Fund will, also with the support of partners, make efforts to further capture the voice of victims and collect their feedback on the projects they participate in, as well as inputs on future project needs.