How to report misconduct

Conduct and Discipline Teams (CDTs) in field missions provide information to United Nations mission personnel and the host country population on how to report allegations of misconduct by UN personnel. All United Nations personnel have a duty to report all suspected misconduct, in particular any concerns of possible sexual exploitation and abuse. Failure to report may constitute an act of misconduct in itself.

While the avenues of reporting vary somewhat between missions, reports of possible misconduct can generally be made over a secure e-mail address, a telephone hotline, using a locked complaint box, and in person to the CDT or other mission entities that will then refer the matter to the CDT. Anyone can also report misconduct by United Nations personnel directly to the Office for Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) or to the Conduct and Discipline Unit in New York.

Please see below the contact details for reporting misconduct to conduct and discipline personnel in missions and at United Nations Headquarters, and to OIOS.

Fraud Alert or Scams

For information pertaining scams, especially by individuals or parties posing as UN officials or affiliation in exchange for personal information or fees, read our fraud alert.


Conduct and Discipline Service (New York)

+ 1 917-423-5256


Office for Internal Oversight Services (OIOS)

Online reporting form on the OIOS website (


Conduct and Discipline Teams in field missions

MINURSO +212 661 194 249

+236 75 99 44 45

+236 75 98 44 45 (from a UN extension or UN-issued sim card)

4445 (internal VSAT)

MINUSMA +223 94 95 05 46
MINUJUSTH +509 3702 6516

081 890 7744



+965 24 72 4495

or via tie line on 161-2221


+249 922 44 7900

or via tie line on 192-7900



+961 1 926000

ext. 6215, 6216, 6219

UNISFA +249 901 231 293
UNMC (United Nations Mission in Colombia)

+57 3232082833

+57 310 3422333



+381 38 504 604

ext. 5847




+231 770316262

0770316262 (within Liberia)

Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection hotline number: 116


+211 912 1000 12

or via tie line on 190-7155