Other misconduct

One report of possible misconduct may involve one or more persons as alleged perpetrators. The report may also relate to one or more allegations of different kinds against the perpetrator(s). Each type of misconduct that is alleged to have occurred is counted as an individual allegation for each person who is alleged to have been involved.

A new system for categorizing misconduct was introduced in January 2021. Allegations are grouped into two categories, namely, Serious misconduct and Misconduct. Allegations are further grouped by Thematic Area, Type and Subtype, depending on the nature of the allegation. Changes in the designation of Category 1 and Category 2 matters to Serious misconduct and Misconduct was made in large part to reflect terminology used elsewhere, including in Memoranda of Understanding between the United Nations and troop and police contributing countries. The changes in designation have impacted on previously reported data, mainly as more matters now fall under the designation of Serious misconduct, including all forms of criminal activities. The designation of a matter as Serious misconduct or Misconduct does not presuppose the nature or severity of the accountability measures that may be imposed.

Thematic area

  • Traffic-related violations
  • Prohibited conduct
  • Procurement violations
  • Other unlawful act
  • Other infractions of regulations, rules and AIs
  • Obstruction of accountability
  • Misuse of office / position
  • Fraud and Theft
  • Financial and legal obligation

Filters can be applied to view the data for a specific year, mission, category of personnel, or by the nature of allegations. On the right side of the page, information will be provided on relevant terms used in the graphs and on how to read the data.

The Allegations section contains information on the number of reported allegations over time and by category of implicated personnel. The section also includes a table where it is possible to get an overview of reported allegations of misconduct (excluding sexual exploitation and abuse) by mission and description of allegations by selecting a specific year and either Serious misconduct or Misconduct.