The table below provides near real-time information on allegations received as well as updates to previously reported allegations, going back to 2015.
New allegations will appear at the top of the table. For previous years, go to Allegations. If you would like to receive a notification when a new allegation has been added, you can subscribe to an update on data.



The table can be opened in a PDF by clicking “Download”. Under “Scaling”, select “At most one page wide”. Click “Download”. If you have applied filters before opening the PDF, only the filtered data will show. As there may be blank pages at the end of the PDF document, when printing, make sure that you are only printing the pages with content.

Date: Month and year when the report of the allegation is received. Category of personnel: Civilian (INT) = Civilian international staff, Civilian (NS) = Civilian national staff, Civilian (UNV) = Civilian United Nations Volunteer, Military (MC)= Military contingent member, Military (MO) = Military observer, Police (UNPOL) = United Nations Police, Police (FPU) = Formed Police Unit. Allegation: SE = Sexual exploitation, SA = Sexual abuse. Investigation: OIOS = Office of Internal Oversight Services, TCC = troop-contributing country, PCC = police-contributing country, NIO = National investigation officer. Investigation (days): who is the investigating entity and for completed investigation, what was the duration of the investigation in days.